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October 1998

Tudor the Newshound is dead

Our newshound Tudor Lueg has died peacefully. Well known for his cat tossing and cattle rustling, he was a faithful friend for all of his life.

His most famous saying was: "Rough, rough!"

New Computer Shop

A new computer shop has been opened in town, owned and run by my old friend Carlos. If you need anything in the digital line, Third Party Support is the place to go.
Willie Reid is seventy

That well known Limavady original, wall builder, gardener and local historian, Willie Reid, is seventy today - and not a day too soon.

Congratulations, Willie, a bottle of Black Bush is on its way.

Willy Reid
The Folk Music Festival

The international folk music festival seems to have started today - judging by the sounds emanating from the centre of town. It seems to be partly a festival of amplification as the best sound balance is enjoyed by audiences positioned several miles outside the town.

The festival will last for three days

Creative driving in Protestant Street

The corner of Protestant Street, Massey Avenue and William Street has scored another insurance claim. If people would drive more slowly and the council spend some money on road markings, things might improve.
Bad driving

The market
The Market Yard

The small traders in the town have complained for a long time that the many large stores in the area are taking their business away. Apparently the answer to their worries is to build another big store in the market yard. A bit like hiring the mafia to fight crime, one would think.

Limavady has been a market town for a long time and I would hate to see the yard close. Some of us look forward to the escapades of the frequent escapees. There are few sights more wonderful than a flock of sheep navigating Main Street against the flow of the rush hour traffic.

The End of the Fishing Season

Today, Sunday the 18th of October 1998, is the last day of the fishing season. Every poacher and angler in the area must have decided to fling one more spoon and cast the final fly of the year, because the river as well as its banks were so crowded, there was hardly standing room for the customary onlookers.

A short inspection revealed that all this furious activity must have scared the salmon away - I didn't see a single catch. You have until midnight, boys.

Fishermen and poachers
GCS1 getting ready
Charity day at Limavady College

Limavady College had a charity day his week. While some students cleaned cars or shovelled huge amounts of shingles, the majority got ready for a 'Walk Around the Bridges'.

The proceeds of all this activity will be donated to various worthy causes selected by the students, enthusiastic examples of which can be inspected on the left. (Extra donations are always welcome).

The task involved walking either six or eleven tough and miles in rainy weather. Although people in patrolling jeeps where occasionally begged for a lift, most people managed to cover the endless miles.

On the right are some determined art students not wanting to paint the scenery for once. The only reward for the participants was a cup of soup and a slice of bread for all those still alive enough to notice this.

Well done, everyone.

No-one is giggeling now!
The old lock

The old lock a few weeks ago

Flood damage in the
Country Park
The recent heavy rains have damaged bits of the Country Park. The main lock of the old mill race gave way under the high water pressure and nearly took a foot bridge out as well. Park management tried to block the foot path with a huge sign and a strong rope, but that only attracted attention to the show and the site was crowded with workers, dogs, dog-walkers,joggers and professional lurkers.

The broken weir gate allows water into the old lead - a sight not seen for many years. I think they should make this permanent, rather than fix the damage.

The new lock

The missing lock


Trying to repair the damage.

Green Grocers
Marshall Howe has been promoted to Green Grocer of the year, though his sons and wife might have something to do with it. It was on the telly and all.


Some drivers are rubbish!
The boys that empty our bins had an embarrassing accident the other day. Coming out of Drenagh turning left they misjudged the sheugh and wrecked the environmental vehicle, ie the rubbish lorry.

Is this a play for higher wages? You have this paper's support.


Would you believe it? Limavady United started the year with a 5:1 defeat against Distillery. Come on boys, I had such high hopes.

To make matters worse, even the rugby team went down 23:31 against Lisburn. What a start to the season.


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