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October 1999

A builders traffic jam

The traffic jam in Rathbrady Road.

The Town Improvement Scheme

There are slow builders and there are slower builders. The town has employed snails in human guise. Today, Friday 8th of the month, the hold-ups lasted for several hours and miles. Why would anybody think that re-surfacing Irish Green Street on a Friday is a good idea?

On Saturday they moved on to Rathbrady Road and a worse tangle of machinery has not been seen here for years. Mind you, they seem to be a very cheerful lot.

Thumbs up
Early signs of Autumn

Its that time of year again. The daylight hours are noticeably shorter, the air is getting colder, umbrella manufacturers flock to Limavady for the annual quality control of their wares and the Country Park is changing colour in a most attractive way.

It has been a nice Summer - apart from all this road building - and we are all looking forward to a nice wet and windy Autumn.

The Market Yard

Small notices have appeared all around town proclaiming: "Save our Market Yard". It appears that the farmers don't want and/or need it any more and so the council wants to sell the site.

There seem to be two schools of thought. Group A wants to convert the yard into yet another housing development which is just what C (the town) doesn't need. Group B wants to attract a large super store to the site. This, in some magical way or other, is going to rescue all the struggling small businesses in the town. A bit like asking the Mafia to help stop a crime wave, in some people's opinion..

One thing is always certain: Both A and B stand to make a lot of money out of C. This paper would like to make a third suggestion: Why not convert the place into a nice park, with trees and bushes and maybe a new civic centre. The view from the Market Yard is rather splendid and should belong to all.

The Market Yard
The view
Counting sheep

Local farmers are in a lot of trouble. After the BSE crisis many switched to sheep farming. The price of sheep has fallen to an all time low and all the fields in the area are full of animals that should have been sold by this time of year. The price of a leg of lamb in some shops has nearly halved.


On Tuesday the 12th, in a memorable and exiting game, Limavady beat Coleraine 3-2. This was an away game and Gareth, our roving sports reporter, loved every minute of it.

On Saturday the 16th Limavady beat Bangor 3-2. This is getting better and better


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