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September 2000

Mainstreet looking well Beautiful Limavady

The editor of this famous cyber paper has been studying a lot of old Limavady photographs recently, in order to find material of use elsewhere in these pages. When he then strolled through Limavady the other day and took the picture of Main Street shown on the left he couldn't help but notice just how much more beautiful the centre of town has become over the last 30 odd years.

We really do live in a very pretty town. Let us hope that all concerned will keep it that way.

The Roe Valley Folk Festival

This famous festival takes place from the 7th to the 10th of September all over the valley, but mainly in the many pubs and hotels. Famous artists from many countries will be performing and will give, it is hoped, much enjoyment to folk music lovers all over the valley.

Fans of Amadeus "No-voice" Jochen (shown on the right) will be relieved to hear that he won't be giving any concerts at all.

No-Voice Jochen
An old banner

One of the stolen banners, in better days.

The Fifth Banner

A large banner belonging to the Tech has just been stolen from outside the court house! This is apparently the fifth time that the thief has struck. Various theories have been formed as to who might be responsible. The thieves are:

  • Lecturers from another college further down the road.
  • Road safety campaigners enraged at the positioning of the banners.
  • Persons with a very strange hobby indeed.
Enquiries are continuing. Our crime expert reports that all three theories are equally likely.

Tudor in a wardrobe Fireworks  
Its that time of the year again when naughty little boys throw fire crackers into other people's property. Open access places like Leckpatrick's milk yard sound like firing ranges and the noise level once the schools have closed is terrific.

Tudor, the newshound - like many border collies - is absolutely terrified by all these whistles and bangs and has to hide in the wardrobe to try and get away from it all.  
On the left is a News Hound under Deep Cover

Gas Emergency in Limavady  
The bottom of the town past the old post office was blocked today.(Mon 18th September 2000) Reports indicate that a tanker owned by "Irish Waste" was parked near Canning's place. One of the lids to one of their tankers had been left open and gas was leaking out. As nobody knew what was in the tanker, an emergency was declared and various fire engines - two from Derry - were called to the scene.

The emergency is over now but one hopes that lessons involving tanker lids and parking liquid waste in populated areas will have been learned.


Tuesday the 5th
Limavady won 2-1 away to Ballyclare. Great stuff!

Saturday the 9th
Limavady drew 0-0 with Lisburn Distillery.

Saturday the 16th
Limavady United didn't have a very good away game and drew 2-2 with Carrick. This means of course that United is still unbeaten in the league this season.

Some days later
Unfortunately United did not do so well during a Gold Cup game against Armagh. They were beaten 3-1 - the first defeat in this season.

Saturday the 23rd
Armagh have done it again, reports our sports correspondence Gareth Houston. They beat Limavady by 3-2. United was unlucky as they were leading 3-2 at one point of the game.


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