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September 2007

Irish Green Street

Building Works

Limavady's renewal is continuing apace. These red brick buildings in Irish Green Street have been under repair for the last few weeks - and if one thing is certain it is the fact that they needed it - badly.

It is nice to see that at least some old buildings are being repaired rather then just being knocked down to make room for some modern horror or other.

A well stocked fridge Keep it cool!

Do you notice the bottle with the green cross in this rather well-stocked fridge? It is the result of a new health drive launched by the ambulance and police services this month.

The bottle is to contain important medical details of all the people in the house and is kept in the fridge so that fire and ambulance personnel can find it easily during an emergency.

Mind you, this reporter has been known to spend several weeks trying to find that one last bit of bacon he was almost certain just had to be somewhere in that blasted fridge. So if you are ill, better get someone to clean out the cooler!

The Aghanloo Show in the Roe Valley

The Aghanloo Show

The Aghanloo Show was on this week and looked splendid. After initial worries about foot and mouth disease in Britain, the show went ahead and farmers from all around the valley assembled to buy and sell yows and rams. Our reporter heard few complaints except about the rather cold weather - but then they always complain about the weather.

Judging went on all morning and the result was declared around half past eleven. The winners are below on the right. Pride of place went to Arnold Douglas, who can be seen in the middle of the picture hanging on to a very large silver cup.

The winners of the Aghanloo Show

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