Interfacing projects for the Raspberry Pi


Below are links to various projects I designed for this little machine. The list will grow if time and inclination permit. My example programs are written in BBC BASIC but the hardware will of course work with any language whatever.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me here: e-mail to Jochen Lueg

the interface unit

An 8 in 8 out Raspberry Pi interface board 

The 4X16 interface

Another (larger) interface

The issue 2 board interface

A 5 in 16 out interface

with video

The interface

An 8 in 16 out interface for the B+

Motor projects
The single stepper project

Controlling a single

uni-polar stepper motor

2 motor sprite

A two DC motors controller

The PWM project

Pi width modulation

Using an H-Bridge to control a DC motor

with video

The bi-polar stepper project

Controlling a bi-polar stepping motor

using a double h-bridge and a Pi

The PWM project

Dual DC motor control using pwm and two MOS-FETs    with video

  Atomic clock projects
MSF project

A 60 KHz MSF atomic clock for the Raspberry Pi

MSF project

A77.5kHz  DCF atomic clock for the Raspberry Pi

MSF project

A combined MSF/DCF atomic clock

  with video

  LED projects

An LED project

An LED project

The 4X16 interface

A 16 LED output board

The 4X16 interface

Fun with 16 RGB LEDs and a  Pi

with video

The project


using multiplexing

  Relay projects
Many switches

A relay board for the Raspberry Pi

Some other programs for the Raspberry Pi
The man himself

Some programs I wrote years ago

All tested and working with the Raspberry Pi

A link to the title page of this site

Which is about the Roe Valley  in Northern Ireland Tudor with sign