PWM with the K8055/61 and an LMD18200 H-Bridge

The hardest part of this project was getting hold of a LMD18200 H-Bridge chip. I had to buy it in Hongkong and it took ages to finally get here. The LMD18200 has a peculiar pin-out and does not use a 0.1 inch distance between pins. Hence it won't directly fit onto a vero board or a standard bread-board.

The actual circuit diagram is fairly straight forward and follows the recommendation in the data sheet for the chip. Be aware that the LMD18200 does not function at voltages below 12V.

The h-bridege project circuit diagram
The pcb layout

The h-Bridge projectThe project can be admired on the right. I have not made use of the current sensing output or the brake control. The circuit above with the layout on the right seems to work well and I had no problems, once one or two bugs were ironed out.

The program for the K8055

As the connections to the K8055 are the same as in the single motor PWM project the program written for it will work fine with this project. Version 2.0 April 2012

Here is the video of the project

Below are two similar files for the K8061

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