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Our Eating Arrangements


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Should you feel slightly peckish or indeed entirely ravenous, feel free to make use of our amazing eating facilities.
First in line is our astonishing canteen which has a reputation second to none and is regularly visited by the most courageous of our students and staff. It has improved considerably since Lucille has taken over and, judging by the long queues, is very popular indeed.

The canteen

If on the other hand, your tastes do not stretch to simple foods and your inner soul strives for the ecstasy of a proper meal, don't despair. The "Valley Restaurant", situated in the very premises just down the corridor to the right, will cater for your every whim.

The teasing of your culinary nerves will only be surpassed by the relief of your purse, once you have tasted the delights of this popular establishment.

(Ex lecturers and paying senior staff are welcome.)

The restaurant

If neither of these places of excellence be to your liking, you can either bring your own grub, or make use of our highly advanced automatic eating machinery which clutters up the entrance hall and is very popular with junk-food fanatics and other nice people.

Junk food machines


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