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Charity Day


It had been decided to have a charity day and on the 10th of November 1999, a charity day was held. The proceeds of this great occasion will be distributed to various local and national charities; and just to counter any humorous rumours that might be circulating - the staff beer fund is not one of them.


The theme of the day was fancy dress. Now, you might think that some of the people populating the Tech are pretty fancy dressers most days of the week and that, if you encourage them, they'll end up dressed like Elvis Presley. This is all very true of course. But: "Never mind" the cry rang out:

    "We want Snowwhite."
    "We want Mr Spock."
    "We want jokers.(Or at least some jokes)"
    "We might even tolerate a dinosaur"
    "Just as long as we also get at least seven dwarves".

Early at nine o'clock in the morning the first heavy dressers arrived.

Arabs Hell's Lee Three fools

The opening deed of the day was going to be a sponsored walk. In ordinary dress, or costume if at all possible, but definitely not without. Those with a suitable constitution where allowed to puff, run or jog.

The route?

  • Up to Radisson's car park.
  • Switch into the country park.
  • Non swimmers to walk over the Brown Bridge, swimmers to have a difficult choice.
  • Through the forest and up to the car park.
  • Down Roe Mill Road
  • Back to the Tech

It is well known that the first part of such occasions must always be an address by the boss, and this one was no exception. Head tyrant lizard Turtle gave a rousing speech, encouraging students to stay more or less on the road, return if convenient, look out for meteorites and flying saucers along the way and resist the temptation of having a round of golf while walking along Radisson's if at all possible.

He then bit off the microphone and went for a game of five-a-side football.


Formalities over, the fun could begin.


Away they go down passed the Court House -

and here's a girl who likes guys called "Brian"


Who says the sun never shines in Limavady?


And where are these two hurriers going to? "Wait for us".

As usual, most of the staff brought up the rear. They say that is done to catch stragglers, but they really just want to enjoy the view and take a breather whenever the constitution requires it;

and wasn't the student in the Border Collie diguise clever?


Let's leave them with a final glance. Noble Benevenagh in the background frames the green valley of the Roe and - as the pterodactyl flies - Limavady is only a mile away. What a beautiful place.

Bye bye

We hurry on to the town's new leisure centre, where a vicious five-a-side football match was being contested. Your faithful reporter stepped on the gas and broke several minor traffic rules to race to the scene of the crime, but when the nice receptionist told him that a large sweating red dinosaur had left about five minutes ago, he knew that he had missed it.

Not to worry - the day was so packed with events that the next one was not far away. Who cares about a five-a-side game if you can watch one with eleven-a-side? We visit the Tech's playing field were the "O" and "M" streams of the Computing Diploma were engaged in an uneven match.

The game Many people wondered how you can raise money by playing football. Apparently Jim and others promised to pay a pound per goal. The final score? 26 to 5. Do I hear cries of: "Fix"? You bet I do.

When the defeated team was asked to explain that score, they insisted that they had really only been playing with five players on their side.

No goal

Back we clamber up those funny steps to return to the college, because there's a fun quiz taking place.

Let's take a look around first, because a lot of strange creatures are to be found in the entrance hall.

Straight away we see an unusual group. Notice the weird looking character sporting huge ears and an alien smile, standing right beside Mr Spock, who has beamed in late because of a transporter malfunction. The boss, in the background insisted that Mr Spock wasn't Greene enough.

We look out for some more talent.

Mr Spock

That's outrageous

A few of the costumes were so outrageous that several heads turned in amazement. Other people just sat down and enjoyed acting the prat.
A group

The assembly hall Soon all eyes were fixed on the stage, where a stocky guy with a minimalist hair style threatened people with a microphone while conducting the fun quiz. On the stage

SSzzz, sszz And fun it was, judging by the laughs and roars that rocked the hall.

Behind the stage, Damian was supposed to be looking after sound and lighting effects. But unfortunately he fell asleep while leaning against the wall and his co-worker Ian had to pull all the plugs and switches. These Ninja outfits fair take it out of you!

Let's take a final look at the scene. The shot below features one of the many cross-dressers that haunted the Tech that day.

The quiz

We have finally arrived at the highlight of the day - the Great Fancy Dress Parade through the centre of the town. But just as we leave the hall we bump into these strange creatures, loudly singing the dwarves' song and telling Snow White how put upon they are. I think they are mining for a special prize.

Snow white

"Where do we go to? Into what or where will we turn? How do we get home" rang the cry. For once there was an answer:

  • Turn left at the Court House.
  • Turn right into Market Street
  • Dander down Catherine Street at a trot
  • Try to survive Linenhall Street
  • Dance down Main Street and home to the Tech.

We all headed towards the back of the college and somehow or other one just knew that Elvis would make an appearance: Here he is with John the Redoubtable, giving an impromptu performance. (You can't help but notice that the audience has fled in a hurry).

The king and John
Assembly point The assembly point was at the rugby club car park, outside the West Wing where the art students joined the throng. A stranger mass meeting of weird looking creatures has never been seen in the town. Three or four policemen were waiting, ready to halt the traffic and at long last the march could begin.

Here they are, proudly displaying one of Paul's famous banners. The old court house in the background looks somewhat surprised at the strange things happening in Main Street.

Happy 90th birthday, Limavady Tech, and may the next ninety years be just as happy and free from take-overs.

Here they come
...and come

...and come
Don't they look well? Even one of the court house judges, silly wig and all, seems to have joined the throng. How all these complicated costumes were persuaded to stay in one piece for the length of the march is anyone's guess.

The big red dinosaur was in the middle of it all. Every once in a while it turned around, lifted its head and gave a great jurassic roar of historical accuracy. The multitude replied in kind and the onlookers quaked in their boots.

Laurel and Hardy The two characters on the left were discovered resting on their Hardy Laurels, or whatever that tandem is called. It didn't take long for the bulk of the procession to catch up with those lazy people who didn't have to walk.

Here they come, turning the corner into Market Street

Into Market Street

The UFO sighting David suddenly spots a flying saucer quietly drifting above the crowd, but nobody believes him.

It must have come to collect some of its crew members (to be seen on the right), who had joined the parade just for the fun of it. None of the others seemed to notice, they had too much fun yelling.

The crew

Down Market Street

As they walk down Catherine Street and turn into Linenhall Street, we get a chance to observe some well known faces.

Pat and Ian

Here for instance is the Reverend Ian with his best friend St. Patrick.

Esther had obviously stolen her husband's "weekend away from it all" outfit

But nobody had told Nigel to come in fancy dress, so he turned up in the usual office outfit.
Down Catherine Street

On the left they are turning right into Catherine Street, whereas on the right they have looped the loop and its home to the tech at a straight run down Main Street.

There is a rumour that the motor bike on the left was later on hijacked by Paul and used to drive up the college drive in style. Mind you, there are few witnesses and the police rider concerned is too embarrassed to talk about the incidence.

Into Main Street again

Paul and Meg
On the left they hoof it passed some pretty strange looking characters. (Observe the brand new "Town Improvement Tree Planter". Most of Main Street was filled with the happy throng heading for the Tech and a well deserved rest. Main Street still
Bye bye Lets leave them with a final brilliant smile.

It was a nice and an exciting day!

I nearly forgot. Ed, Sam and a few of the other old boys came for the staff do afterwards. Ed and Sam


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