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Charity Walk


It was decided to hold a charity day and donate all proceeds to good causes selected by the students - a fine body of women and men, in fact several hundred bodies. Various activities were decided upon amongst which walking and stone shovelling were prominent.

Here is a photographic record.

Paul and David Paul tries to persuade David Larmour, well known town photographer, to take part in the shingle shovelling event.

He has no chance. After all, photographers are known to be lazy, and a camera is at best only a second rate shovel.

The main event is the famous 12 mile walk around the bridges. The walk itself is harmless for a well motivated enterprising bunch of students. The bridges are a walk-over, but the traffic tends to be murderous. Limavady drivers have a well earned reputation for bad eyesight and good aim.

No wonder some pretend to be happy and others look more than slightly apprehensive at the prospects.

As for Jim, hidden in the crowd, he looks so miserable, you'd think he had broken a wrist.

Waiting .....
Stone throwers The shingle laying starts first. With a mighty flourish of the shovel. And would you believe it, the photographer is actually lending a hand!

That Paul could talk the hump off a camel.

A sudden management meeting is called. David insists that we should all walk to New York, to acclimatise the art students for their field trip. Ann would rather we walked to Castlerock. Tom doesn't believe either of them and Raymond just wishes that they would all shut up and get on with it.

They finally decide to walk around the bridges after all and to offer those people with very short legs a six mile option 'round the old air field.

They are off Finally they are off. I don't know why Wayne is smiling so much but rest assured, the smile had turned into an exhausted grin when he returned.

The weather was cloudy, spirits were high and everyone carried far too much luggage.

While the students and some lecturers were away walking round the bridges, our highly trained technical staff continued doing what they always do, only more so.

Here are Nigel and Damian hard at work, negotiating in the corridors of power.

The nose job suits you, Damian.

In the corridor

Here they come. How about a thundering round of applause: "Hurray!!"

The rest

At least some of them can still lift their arms. They must be fitter than anybody thought possible. Into sight
Tired characters Some people need to rest earlier than others. These two suspicious characters ended up trying to re-direct everyone in the wrong direction. A big gutted tall fellow came and shifted them.
Here are some art students trudging the lonely miles. This shot was taken at the edge of the old Air Field, about three miles outside the town. Tired students
Jim Jochen and Jim drove 'round the circuit to pick up stragglers. But apart from a load of excess clothing, redundant bags and dry umbrellas, nobody needed help.

And would you believe it - he did break his wrist!

Let's leave them all as they walk into what passes for a sunset around here.

Well done everybody. Next year we'll climb that rather photogenic mountain.

Walking into the sunset


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