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Would you believe it, this place has been around for ninety years. Not the present accommodation, I hasten to add, but the institution as such. Although, come to think of it, some of the people around the place could well be ....

It was 1909 (obviously), when a few Limavady worthies decided that the town could do with a 'Technical Institution', in order to keep up with modern times. It began with a few evening classes in subjects like English, book-keeping, commercial arithmetic and shorthand. Most of these subjects are still being taught at the Tech, but rest assured, some of the teachers have changed.

We have some photographs from those days. Most of them show the traditional assembly of grouchy, slightly bored looking lecturers surrounded by well-scrubbed students with very short (male) or very long (female) hair. The two cutouts below, taken from old photographs from the thirties demonstrate the principle.

The boys The girls
Compare these pictures with the modern lot below and you get a feeling for ninety years of Limavady Tech's history.


The college grew slowly over the years and moved into the present premises in 1968. By 1980 we had about two thousand enrolled students. Things have accelerated since and we have expanded rapidly. Over five thousand students come to the college for day and evening classes on a huge range of subjects.

We really must mention our sporty type students, who have won many honours in the past, notably the Sherrygroom cricket cup. But in many people's opinion, there never was a crew as magnificent as the 75th anniversary hockey team, who played a totally forgettable game in memorable style.

This page is dedicated to you, girls.

Rugby team


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