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September 1999

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The new academic year has started and it seems as if half of Limavady and surrounding area has descended on Limavady College of Further and Higher education, henceforth to be known as "The Tech".

The driveway on the right looks suspiciously quiet, but things are about to change.

The Tech
Assembly This is just the first year intake. Everyone met in the assembly hall to listen to the boss, and from there they went to their different classrooms, apart from those who got lost and were traced by well equipped search parties.

Why the guy on the left is reading the newspaper is anyone's guess.

There were so many students that some of the staff had to wait outside.

The boss - on the right of the picture - was overheard whispering to them loudly, as this shot was taken: "For goodness sake, wake up. This isn't a funeral, go and get at them."

The staff
Where is the West Wing? Go for it, David The results of this remark can be observed on the left. First there is is a group of students looking for the West Wing. You always know the art students by the gear they carry.

Beside this is a record of a lecturer making a last desperate attempt to escape - it was no use!

December 1999


The schools of Art and Design, Business, and Academic Studies held a graduation ceremony in the Radisson Hotel. Glittering prizes were offered to the highest achievers, certificates and handshakes to the others.

It was nice to see some familiar faces from the past again.

Art students
The prize

The year finished with the traditional Christmas sing-along. Gabriel played the trumpet, (He really did!), his kids gave a solo and the performing art students sang and performed some art.

Everyone else just sang as loudly as they could and then went home to enjoy the last Christmas of the century.

Christmas spirit


Brian April

Brian Turtle, our energetic principal has left the college to hopefully do to others what he has done so successfully to us. Good bye and good luck.

On the right is a shot of Brian saying to Paul: "Go on, you can do it". Paul's answer has not been recorded.



We have a new acting principal, and guess what, his name is Paul Little, head of the School of Art and Design.

This job will last until a new permanent principal is appointment, whenever that may be. The new principal can be seen on the right entering his first staff meeting, where it became clear that wild rumours of a huge pay rise for everyone were wildly exaggerated.



We have a new principle. Welcome to Dr Anne Heaslett who has joined us from the Causeway Institute in Coleraine. Congratulations!

The new academic year has begone and most classes are overflowing with students. Paul Little, our propaganda chief, reports that yet another school banner has been stolen - the fifth in the current series. Finally, Mrs Talbot has left us for a well deserved retirement. May it be long and prosperous.


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