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Learning Zone


This brand new facility is in the former gym, which is now used exclusively for mental gymnastics.

Even though the Learning Zone is still under development, it already has some excellent facilities. The wide hall with its lofty ceiling is well suited for high-flyers and there is plenty of space for students, their baggage and their work. Learning zone

Literary talent The college library has been moved into the hall - shelves, books, librarian and all. This makes the place an excellent environment for research and project work. The library is growing with the years and it has a good collection of up to date materials including newspapers, periodicals, catalogues and - in case you wondered - books.

Along two of the walls are twenty fast mulimedia computers, all connected to the internet. Access is free and this important new facility allows all students and visitors access to the world wide web and all its information. A technician is at hand at all times for those who get seriously stuck.

All the machines are also connected to a CD-ROM server, which makes even more targetted information available.

The network


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