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October 2008


The empty car park at Seagate/Limavady
Seagate Limavady have closed

Above is the near-empty car park at Seagate's Limavady plant which is usually a very busy place, no matter what the time of day. The factory stopped production at the end of September and nearly a thousand people lost their jobs. They will have trouble  finding a new job locally, considering that both the Ballykelly army camp and Huco have shut their gates recently. These days all manufacturing firms seem to migrate to the Far East.

Seagate opened in Limavady ten years ago and will be sorely missed.

Lower Main Street some years ago A look into the past

Recently we came across this old photograph from the collection of the late Mr Harold Gough. Local readers will be interested in the changed look of lower Main Street.

The photograph is from the fifties when the 'New' Post Office - which is now the former Post Office - had only just been built. The Roe Cinema was still giving 'two houses' six days a week and if you were tempted to turn left into Connell Street or Tesco's car park you were likely to be involved in a nasty accident.  Notice also the splendid new concrete lamp post.

How times have changed!  How the town has changed!

Lower Main Street some years ago The swans are back

We are happy to report that a large flock of Bewick's swans has arrived in Myroe. Considering that the birds flew here all the way from Siberia, they look surprisingly fresh and well rested.

Bewick's swans are the smallest and rarest of the three species of swan found in the British Isles. They were named in honour of the 19th century engraver and bird illustrator, Thomas Bewick.

Lough Foyle is the most westerly area of their territory and internationally important numbers of these endangered birds winter here every year.

A car in a ditch Joyrider crashes on the Bishops Road

Nobody was hurt when this blue car careered across the road and smashed into the fence. A joyride which ended without much joy, by the looks of things. By pure luck nobody came up the road at the time.

The cows in the field yonder instantly formed an escape committee and were ready for action when the police arrived and foiled their cunning plan. Our condolences to the owner of the stolen vehicle.


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