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 January 2009

Sunlight over Stroke/City 

The first snow
The sky at night - yet again

Just in time to let us know that world-economic emergencies aren't everything, the planet Venus and the moon decided to put on a splendid New Year's eve show - visible to all those sober enough to remain upright whilst looking at the night sky.

We wish a Happy New Year to all our readers. May the year 2009 be a good one - and if it isn't - let it pass quickly!

Smog in the Roe Valley Smog in the valley

This is a photograph of Limavady on a sunny Winter's day. Goodness knows if what people are breathing, resembles air as we know it. The mixture of gas certainly looks toxic from the heights of Benevenagh.

In the past there used to be smokeless zones, but evidently things have changed and the only places resembling a smokeless zone these days, are the numerous pubs in town.

The red corner bar in Limavady They've painted the Corner Bar

This is the new-look Corner Bar in the centre of town in its splendid new colour.

One can just imagine the conversation the owner must have had with the painting lad on the steps.

'Now Paddy, are you sure you have enough red paint?"

"Yes Sir. "

"Let's see the paint then. Haven't you got anything redder?"

"No Sir."

"Well, fair enough. Be sure to slop on plenty though!"

"Yes Sir."


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