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January 2011

Happy New Year

What sort of article is this supposed to be?The news so far .....

As nothing much seems to have happened around here this year and anyway: our editor has caught a cold and the spell-checker can only spell 'sneeze' at the moment, we would like to tell our readers about some of things that haven't happened in the Roe Valley:

We've had no major earthquakes, no floods, no civil unrest and no large fires - in fact, even the weather and the water supplies have been satisfactory.

Aren't we all lucky to live around here?

The new cafeLimavady has a new café

It can be found at one end of the new town square - hence the name - and supplies famished customers with the customary fare.

From personal experience we can confirm that the coffee is eminently drinkable.

We wish them luck.

Frozen palm treesThe frosts of November

The Roe Valley is not exactly known as a palmy oasis - but we do have a fair few of these Southern trees growing around the place.

Unfortunately their numbers have been considerably reduced by the untimely frost at the end of last year. The effects are only now becoming visible. Witness the sad look of this beautiful group of palm trees in Scroggy Road. Pedestrians will be safe from falling coconuts for years to come.

Our gardening experts tells us not to panic though. Palm trees are tough customers and generally regrow either from the roots or send out lots of little shoots  along the trunk.

A well parked tankerSaturday Roadblock in Limavady

Experienced Limavady drivers may well be forgiven for thinking that this is just a carelessly parked lorry and nothing unusual, considering Limavady traffic conditions. They would be wrong though.  The vehicle broke down right across Main Street and blocked this thoroughfare for quite a while.

Luckily drivers could avoid the obstacle by driving through Turner's petrol station and out via the Tech's driveway.

Apparently the lorry lost air pressure and the entire system locked. It could be fixed in two minutes with a special key. And guess what: they had to send to Belfast to get one of those things.


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