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December 2013

A mountainous mishap

A quiet country walk?

Anybody going for one of the above on noble Mount Benevenagh at the end of last month could have easily come across this busy scene. The Forest Service plans to harvest Benevenagh forest and one of their lorries seems to have slipped off the road. Luckily nobody got hurt.

If it hadn't been for Leslie and his amazing digging machine they might still be enjoying the quiet mountain air even now! In the end it took two diggers, a low loader, several vans, half a dozen busy builders and a lot of expertise to get things going again.

Pity about that fence though.

If you want to see the boys in action, here is a link to a time-lapse video

Market Street in Limavady

Christmas shopping

No loudspeakers

It's that time of the year again and those people who have decided that they can survive Christmas shopping are busy doing so.

Our picture shows the upper end of Market Street on a reasonably busy day.

We are glad to report that progress has been made though. Experienced readers studying the photograph on the right will instantly notice the total absence of loudspeakers.

In fact, the place is blissfully quiet so that everyone can concentrate on the business at hand, rather than listen to the same ten or twelve tired old tunes for hours on end. Well done - or rather not done - somebody!


Towards Broighter

This is the name of one of the exhibitions currently held in the Arts and Cultural centre. Some of the works by Raymond Watson can be seen on the right.

The works show a lot of talent and imagination and are well worth seeing.

 Mind you, seen from the point of view of pure naval engineering: if the Broighter gold has been transported in any vessel that looked even remotely like one of the maritime objects on the right, its no wonder the treasure ended up on the bottom of the sea!


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