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July 2004

Racers The Danny Boy cycle race  

Our roving reporter spotted these ladies in a hurry whilst driving down the bypass on Saturday. They are participants in a newly established annual race organised by the Roe Valley cycle club. It is a two day event, so if you missed it on Saturday, there is still time.

This reporter is no expert in these matters, but to me it looked like a Danny Girl cycle race!

A brass band Saturday Afternoon in Market Street  

Here are some shoppers in Market Street, helped on their way to spend their money by a welcome brass band. Those musicians are getting better every time we hear them.

It was nice to see that this time 'round they were not banned to the central "Newtowne Square" car park but were allowed to play where everyone can hear them.

The interview Fame at last  

The Belfast Newsletter - one of the larger provincial newspapers - informed our editor that they would like to interview him. When he informed them that, due to pressure of work, he could find no more than 12 hours to tell the story of his life, they sent their star reporter Clare Weir to attempt this terrifying task.

How she managed to stay awake is anybody's guess!

Hello Tudor

On the other hand, she had no trouble at all staying awake when she interviewed our famous newshound Tudor.


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