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June 1998
A new Benchmark for Bus Comfort
An until today unsung hero in some unknown planning office has unexpectedly unleashed the unbelievable: benches for people to sit on while waiting for a bus. This is a brilliant idea and is being tested at the bus stop in Catherine Street.

Why nobody else has ever thought of this simple innovation is a mystery,but this paper can only applaud the simple brilliance of the thought. If this trend continues they will ban cars from pedestrian areas next and bikes won't be allowed to race up and down the footpaths.

Said bus stop is also receiving a rather grandiose facelift with what looks like mul- triple street lamps, flag poles and solid looking wall defences. (Picture to follow)

The weather
This is the coldest June that anyone can remember in a long long while. So if you come to our nice little town, bring warm clothes.
Another flag of Blue
Benone Beach has won the blue flag again. The EU awards this honour to those beaches in Europe that are still in the state that nature intended them to be in. Soon there will be another official ceremony at the seven mile long beach to mark the occasion.

Terrified citizens have begged the council to change the format though. Apparently the last celebration was so boring that everyone fell asleep instantly.

The holidays are finally nigh
Limavady College is closing for the summer holidays.The students are all away and the staff are just staying behind for some boring meetings.

Jim and Colette, who work in Limavady College, are getting married, but because they don't think that people in Derry would make a good job of it, they are going to the USA to tie the knot.


Jim and Colette
Don't they look nice? Everyone: "Ahhhhhhhhh......"
Limavady on the web!
The big news this week, at least in one of the local papers is, that Limavady finally has a presence on the web via David Simpson's website.

Well done Coleraine Chronicle. The article demonstrates your usual deep understanding of the subject matter and painstaking research. How about an article about the recent ending of the Falkland war in the next issue? (Miaou)


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