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May 2007

A dirty great big tyre fire

The Smoking ban

May we kindly remind our esteemed readers that from the 30th of April onwards, this sort of thing will be allowed in Northern Ireland only if you do it outdoors or in your own sitting room.

All public places must remain smoke free - no matter what size cigar you smoke.

Local painters The Danny Boy Festival  

This strangely named festival started early this month. One of the of opening events is an exhibition of paintings by local painters. Our photograph shows some of them - there seem to be more Danny girls than Danny boys.

If you think this lot is good-looking, just wait until you see their paintings at the Green Lane museum in the Country Park. (Green lane museum = Weaving shed).

A silly hat  
The Parade  

The big festival parade on Saturday was very well organised this year. It was billed to start at one o'clock and punctually at one thirty the marchers and floats came down Main Street.

A large crowd had gathered to watch the show, the traffic was stopped from mixing with the parade and everybody seemed to enjoy the spectacle immensely.

The crowd  
Some of the floats must have taken weeks to prepare and it is nice to note that nearly every one of them won a first prize of one sort or another. Our editor particularly liked Brian Brown's powerful costumed statement about Limavady's lawyers!
A burnt out listed building Fire in Main Street  

The centre of town was closed on the 15th of this month, because the beautiful old empty building beside the Court House burned during the night and is now in a state close to collapse.

This is a great pity, because this was one of the old Georgian buildings that grace our town and it was one of the earliest terraces in the street. The same site also once housed a well-preserved old stable, which was unfortunately knocked down to make room for a new development.

Last night's fire means that the entire historic site is now lost to the town.

A group of students Visitors from other lands  

Here is a group of students from Portugal and a local school just after a good picnic in the Country Park. They are here as part of the Comenius project which was locally organised by staff of Limegrove school. There were other participants from Germany and Turkey - but our lazy photographer didn't mange to round them all up.

The visitors from Portugal stayed in caravans at Benone and they politely refrained from commenting on the local weather.


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