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September 1999

Redecoration in Market Street

Gibson's, the Chemist's shop in Market Street, is getting a face lift. Established since 1954 it says on the new sign and I wish Cecil - the best and most obliging chemist in Limavady - all the best, as long as he turns the music off.

The picture on the left shows the new frontage as well as his next door neighbour, who very kindly came over to give the workmen some good advice.

The newly dolled up shop certainly looks nice.

Joke shop opens

A new shop that sells nothing but joke articles, masks, skeleton suits and the like has opened in Catherine Street. It is always nice to see a new kind of shop open in town, but I never knew that there is such a demand for pranks in Limavady.

Prank shop
Back to school

The Summer holidays are over and the usual early morning traffic jam in Irish Green Street, as all the parents deliver their offspring, amuses the rush hour drivers again.


The blue shutter


Two well known businesses have closed in town recently.

Hawthorne's newsagent in Main Street closed due to the retirement of the owners. Good luck.

The closure of the Beehive restaurant is a bit of a mystery. I know their food was terrible and the smell coming out of the joint was like nothing else on this earth, but they seemed to be doing good business.


The green shutter

A very clean sheugh

A clean sheugh

Sheugh cleaning in the Country Park

For those people who have been wondering as to what's happening in the Country Park, this paper can reveal that a lot of effort is being spent on cleaning the sheugh behind the museum. Several men and machines are beavering away rinsing the old canal. Our research department surmises that they are trying to get more water into the country park's ornamental lake, which has very little water and stinks to high heaven, but precise information is not yet available.

The ducks seem to have heard something though. They have left the above mentioned cloaca and now spend most of their time hanging around the newly cleaned sheugh. Good luck duck, is all we can say.

Limavady Folk Festival

This famous festival featuring all that's best and worst in folk and country music will start in Owen's pub at the end of this month. It will last for three days - assuming everyone stays sober, if not it may take a little longer.


On the 10th of September Limavady United lost 0-1 against Institute. They evidently decided to try again, but lost 2:0 against Ards on the 18th.

For a while there the boys were top of the league, but this pushed them down a bit.

On the 21st of the month Limavady drew with Omagh town 1-1. Gareth reports that it was a very entertaining game and Limavady finally won 3-2 on penalties.

On Saturday the 24th Limavady was beaten 3-2 by Omagh Town. Come on boys! It's square, at the other end of the field and you have to hit it as often as possible. Its so easy.....


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