Conundrum #4

The building site beside the Scroggy Road medical centre.


A dig at a building site
A children's home is going to be built here. Because of the closeness of the paupers' graveyard (Oliver), Ms Cathy Dunne, an archaeologist was called in to examine the skimmed site. She found the remains of several fires - dates as yet unknown - a fragmented grooved pot and several flint shavings as well as a broken stone-age flint tool, possibly a scraper or an arrowhead. (Flintstone).

She also unearthed the remains of an old underground pipe which used to supply the nearby Scroggy House with gas: installed early in the previous century, when Limavady still had a gas works.

Below is a closeup of part of the site at the height of the activities.

Several layers of ash

At least three layers of ancient ash.

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