Conundrum #5

The black dome


The black dome
On the old Aghanloo airfield.

One of the most interesting "classrooms" in Limavady ever, was the black dome. It is now much vandalised because children use it as a play ground. Originally it was used to train anti aircraft gunners. Inside was mounted a four gun turret and small lights fastened to the black walls imitated the night sky. By switching some of the lights off in sequence, the impression was given that a plane occulted the stars. The trainee gunner was supposed to spot this and fire at the plane. As can be seen from the state of the building, they did not use live ammunition.

Because of its shape, the building produces the most wonderful sound effects. If you stand in certain places you can hear people on the other side of the room whispering.

A tour of the old airfield can be found here.

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