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People looking for information about their ancestor, might be interested in the link below, which gives access to the 1911 Irish census returns for Limavady. 

1911 census

The catholic church has made their records of birth, deaths and marriages available

 via this link.

17 December 2017

 Teena from Vancouver writes:

Hello & Thank you!

I am researching the families and descendants of Andrew DUNN b. Parish
of Leckpatrick Co. Tyrone and Margaret ADAMS dau. of David Of Primity
(New Buildings) who married 28 Oct 1858 at Glendermott.

Andrew DUNN inherited from his Aunt Margaret ROBINSON (wife of Rev.
Wm.) the farm called "Foyleview" in Ballykelly.

Andrew & Margaret had children ~

1 John DUNN born 1863 became a Doctor and relocated to Lancashire and
married there to Agnes Kilpatrick RUDD

2 Annie Mary DUNN b 1869 married John GASTON, and both emigrated to
Vancouver BC Canada

3 Elizabeth Gilfillan DUNN who married  May 11, 1897 at the Methodist
Church Limavady Thomas Andrew BOYD

4 David Adams DUNN born 5 Apr 1866  Sale of "Foyleview" Ballykelly was
to David and David moved to England when the farm was sold to the Barr

1901 census
Census lists David DUNN , Annie Mary DUNN (both single) and a Rouie D.
Love.(This would be Andrew John Dunn LOVE- son of Annie's sister
Margaret DUNN who married Joseph LOVE on 8 Sep 1892 @ Limavady) I
think David married one of these ladies Matilda Cameron Young, Matilda
Knox, Maggie Robinson, Martha Hill

5 Margaret DUNN & Joseph LOVE are my Great Grand-parents.

6 Catherine DUNN born 30 Jan 1864

When Margaret LOVE nee DUNN relocated to Vancouver she brought with
her a photo album. I have all these photographs and none of them have
names!  I would  love to connect with family to discover just who
these ancestors where! Some of these are posted on our community
web-page for Co. Tyrone

I would also love to find the BOYD family who remained in Derry and
exactly how Aunt Margaret ROBINSON was related to Andrew DUNN to will
him Foyleview at Ballykelly, when Andrew was born in Tyrone.

Thank you so much!
Teena in Vancouver BC Canada

Email to Teena

1st June 2016

Patricia Armour writes:

James and Isabella Ellison, Donegal, Northern Ireland, married Killaghtee 1857

I am looking for descendants of their several children - Robert, Thomas, and others. Several were born before registration of birth was necessary, so there is no record of their birth or their names. Thank you.

Email to Patricia

9th November 2015

William Young writes:

I am trying to find information on my grandparents Charles and Elizabeth Young. I think they were born in Bready but lived in Myroe all their life.

They had two children,  my mum Sarah and Samuel.  My mum worked as a maid at Ballykelly rectory. She used to talk about her friend Lena Hasson who, I think,  ran a cafe in Ballykelly.  Grandad also had a brother William who went to America and did pretty well.

Many thanks

|William Young

Email to William

5th August 2015

Emma McGonigle writes:

I am looking for anyone who may be able to track my grandmothers relatives. My grandmother was from Ballykelly/Limavady district and her maiden name was Mary Elizabeth McGonigle (also had the nickname Minnie) She married a Joseph Hill.

My mum Veronica (Vera) passed away in 2013 and would have kept contact via Christmas cards etc to her cousin who still lives in Ballykelly or thereabouts. I am not sure about that cousins name other than her mother (my grandmothers sister) was called Alice who has also passed away in years gone by. Please if anyone could help me even if it's a small piece of info I would be grateful.


Email to Gemma

2nd August July 2015

Steward Ogilby writes:

I live in Florida. My ancestor, Leonard Ogilby came to America in the early 1800's. He was a son of John Ogilby who built the house at Ardnargle. Leonard is said to have had a twin, David, who is buried in the old Drumachose church graveyard. I am seeking any information about  this family, particularly Leonard and David.

Leonard married a daughter of Alderman Frederick Darley in Dublin. His wife, Eliza, niece of Arthur Guinness II, came to America in 1816, apparently apart from her husband, aboard the Dibby & Eliza with her three young boys. The middle boy, following his education, visited his grandparents in Ireland, married a cousin, the daughter of William Stewart Ross of the Limavady area, and returned to America with his wife.

Relatives, genealogy buffs, local historians, or others please contact me. I am planning on visiting Limavady, home of several Ogilby generations, and would enjoy making contacts during my visit.

William Stewart Ross Ogilby

Sarasota, Florida

Email to Steward

8th July 2015

Catherine Gilliland writes:

Hi am trying to find out anything at all about my Great grand Father Moses Swan,he lived at Ballyquin Road Limavady,Moses was married twice to Elizabeth Kennedy and Eliza Fulton,he died in 1930.He had two daughters Isabella who married Joesph Craig they had one son my Father who was called John,his other daughter Jeannie Lane married Samuel Elder.Moses also had a brother John and a Sister Sarah Ann she never married,but his brother John married Sarah Jane Millar.I would love to find out anything at all ,if anyone can help,i hope to visit  Limavady in
August .

Catherine Gilliland

Email to Catherine

3rd June 2015

Gerald McGill writes:

Hi Jochen

I would be grateful if you could put this in your website’s Notice Board.

The mysteria chricketer

Mystery Limavady cricketer

I would love to know if anyone from Limavady can identify this man.
I believe he is a relative of mine. The Photographer was called Perdy.


Gerald McGill

Email to Gerald

11th April 2015

Richard Cochran writes:

Thanks for making space available to post queries about lost relatives in the Limavady area.  Here is my question: John and Eliza Cochran My great great great grandparents were Matthew and Margaret Ann (Cochran(e)) Cochrane who were married in the Limavady 1st Presbyterian Church in 1832.

I have had great success locating relatives of Matthew in the vicinity of Limavady, but Margaret was the daughter of John Cochran(e) of Nedd and Oghill, townlands that are just south and west of Ballykelly. The last member of the family in Ireland I have been able to trace is our cousin Lavinia Cochrane, an unmarried lady who was born in Oghill on May 29, 1891 died 31 Oct 1969 at the Roe Valley Hospital in Limavady.  She is buried in the Ballykelly Presbyterian Church Burying Ground with her parents, John James Cochrane (1849-1918) and Elizabeth Robinson Cochrane (1860-1932).

There was a death notice published in the Northern Sentinel at the time of Lavinia's death which said her passing was "Very deeply regretted by her sorrowing brothers John and Tom and by the family circle."  Her surviving brothers were also born at Oghill -- John, on March 13, 1896, and Thomas "Tom" on March 17, 1903.  They were both living in 1969, probably somewhere in the Roe Valley. 

Two sisters died before the three of these Cochranes -- Leah Cochrane (born 2 Mar 1886) married William Coulter and Annie Cochrane (born about 1891) married Henry Robinson and lived in Limavady with their daughters Pansy and Pam Robinson.

Does anyone remember this Cochran family?  I would very much like to learn what became of them.

Thank you!

Dr. Richard M. Cochran 430 S. Stewart Ave. Big Rapids, Michigan  49307

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24th of March 201

Hannah writes:

A family picture dated July 1938. The baby is called Charles Magee and is being held by his mother. This picture is believed to have Limavady connections.

Any further  information.appreciated.

 Mother and child

Write to Hannah

15th Match 2015

Diane Rodden writes:

McGregors Does anyone know anything about the McGregors that live in Shanreagh Park in limavady? Sean moved to America and I know there is a Margaret McGregor who is a nurse and has a son around the age 40 - 45. I think you call him Christopher. His dad was called Ronnie Campbell.

Email to Diane

22nd December 2014

Mike Maughan writes:

 I am looking for help on the life of Ivor Maughan, blacksmith, Limavady.
This was my uncle and he moved to Ireland (as far as I know) sometime
in the '50s and earned his living as a blacksmith.

He was married but as far as I know had no children.

Can anyone help, please?

Regards, Mike

Email to Mike

25th January 2015

Roy Staggs writes:

I am searching for information about my 3x great grandfather and his wife, both of Limavady.

25 Sept 1821 - 7 Feb 1906
2 Sept 1822 - 29 Feb 191
William and Nancy emigrated to the US around 1853/4? to Philadelphia. They were married and eventually moved to Iowa, where they lived their lives as farmers. We believe they were Protestant and likely came from a family of farmers.

Please contact with any information you have about them or any siblings, parents, or other relatives.


 Email to Roy

22nd December 2014

Mike Maughan writes: I am looking for help on the life of Ivor Maughan, blacksmith, Limavady.
This was my uncle and he moved to Ireland (as far as I know) sometime
in the '50s and earned his living as a blacksmith.

He was married but as far as I know had no children.

Can anyone help, please?

Regards, Mike Email to Mike

9th November 2014

Shirley Hargy writes:

Jim and Martha Simpson lived at Limavady, have reason to believe we might be related, please contact me at

Email to Shirley

8th October 2014

Kieran writes: 

Hi all.

I am hoping that someone can help me find the relatives of John  Mullan born 27 Dec 1914 who died on 20 June 1982.  His parents were Marcus Mullan and Eliza Forsythe born in Bellarena, Largantea, Aghanloo, Co Derry.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any information or even any photos or memorial cards

Thanks for all your help it is very much appreciated


Email to Kieran

8th October 2014

 Don Thompson writes: 

I have been doing some work on our family tree and am looking for info on my Maternal side. My Mom ( Elizabeth Fleming ) left Limavady bound for Canada in the early 1900's with her MotherMartha Jane Fleming ( nee Ross ) and her two older siblings ( Rachel - called Rita, and Sarah - called Sadie ).
My Grandfather ( Joseph Fleming 1883 - 1961 Ballyquin   left after his father ( Joseph Fleming 1841 - 1928  Fruit Hill ?? who married an Elizabeth Ferguson 1850 - 1900 and her father was a Robert Ferguson).  My Grandfather had several siblings ( Mary, Elizabeth, Matilda, Samuel and William Fleming ). 
I am looking for info on my Great Great Grandfather also a Joseph Fleming and his father whom I beleive was a George Fleming.   Help of any kind would be deeply appreciated.

Om my Grandmother she was as stated previously Martha Jane Ross 1884 - 1971 and was raised at her fathers farm ( John Ross and wife Rachel ) in Aughinsallagh. I do hope I have the spelling right as not to offend anyone.  I have very little on her family except that she had several siblings ( John Jr, Sam, Maryann and James ).  One of her brothers was gassed in WW1 and was transferred as a patient to Edmonton Alberta for his lungs.  He passed away there and was buried in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Her sister married a Mullen from Dungiven if that helps.  Growing up she did tell me that her family had been one of the first from Scotland to settle in the Roe Valley and that we had a long and strong family history on the Ross side from the start of the settlement.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.  I am on ( Dont175 - Thompson Family Tree Quebec ) and my email is  

Hope that someone out there can help.

 Don Thompson

Email to Don

23rd of December 2013

Cheryl Pearson writes:

I am after information on my dad’s family – Heaney’s, born in Limavady.

His grandfather was William James Heaney and he was a postman and a barber. He was married to Margaret and they had several children, not all surviving to adulthood.

 They had a daughter, Margaret who had 2 boys, Derreck and Ronald and they were adopted by their grandfather, William James. She then married into the McCool family and had several more children. If anyone knows this family, please let me know. There is a huge gap in my knowledge of my Irish roots and sadly, my dad has long passed away and when he was alive, would not talk about his past
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10th of September 2013

Deborah Kernohan Adles writes:

I am looking for death and burial info on my great grandmother, Mary Bloomfield Callaghan who married Samuel Callaghan in 1883 in Aghanloo Church of Ireland. Her husband died in 1918 but I can't seem to find the info for her. Last known address was 53 Ballyclose St, Limavady when my grandmother visited in 1927 with my father. She may have been alive still in 1934 as an obit for her son in Phiadelphia, Pennsylvania, US said son of Mary Callaghan as though she were. She was Church of Ireland.

Any ideas most appreciated.

Deborah Kernohan Adles Florida, US 

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2nd of September 2013

Wendy Thompson-O’Neill writes:

Hi There…

I'm looking to find descendants of my Grt Grt Grandparents family.  Robert Thompson m. Rachael Livingston (Levingston) 5 May 1869 at Derrymore.  This was Robert’s second marriage.  Robert was the son of William Thompson and Rachael the daughter of Malcom Livingston.  In the 1901 census they are listed at 15 Protestant Street, Newton Limavady.  They had the following children, Margaret Anne 1869, Elizabeth 1871, James 1874 (my grt grandfather immigrated to Canada in 1913), Mary 1875, Rachel 1879, Alexander 1880, John 1882, Mary Anne 1885. I believe Robert died prior to the 1911 census, and know that Rachel is listed at 80 Shipquay Street, Londonderry in 1916 from WW1 transcripts.  This family is a bit of an enigma.  My Grt Grandfather fought in WW1, was a bricklayer by trade, and sadly died long before I was born.  Any insight into this family would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance Wendy Thompson-O’Neill  

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25th August 2013

John Canning writes:

My great great grandparents Michael Canning(Cannon) and Jane Nixon were living in the Fruithill/Killane/Ballyclose area in the 1830’s and 1840’s.  They worked on the Drenagh estate.  Michael was a groom and Jane a helper.  I’m not sure how many children they had, but Anna Maria – born 1839; Edward(my great grandfather) – born 1842; and Thomas – born 1847, were all baptised in Drumachose Christ Church, Church of Ireland. 

Edward, my great grandfather, married a girl, Catherine Cushley from Bellaghy in 1864, and moved soon after, 1868/9, to Howwood, Lochwinnoch in Scotland. Any help you could give me on tracing these roots would be greatly appreciated.


John Canning

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24th of August 2013

ob Cooke writes:

I wonder if you might be able to assist me with some information about my relatives on my fathers side of the familyDr John Fleming born in 1849 is my great , great grandfather, he moved to live in Stockton Upon tees in county durham. His father Mr William Fleming 1808 to 1885 lived in newton limavady and is apparently buried in the family grave in Magilligan Churchyard along with his wife, son and both his parents.

My great grandfather had a brother Charles who died young, a sister Marion Fleming and a brother Robert Gage Fleming 1847 to 1909  a doctor who moved to surrey and married a Clara Walters. In turn they had a daughter Clara Fleming who married a Brymer Given 1863 to 192 who also came from Newton LImavardy and who was probably the son of an Andrew Givern a local Jeweller/ watch maker.

I am having to investigate matters on line which is proving difficult any help would be much appreciated

Many Thanks

Bob Cooke

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19th of June 2013

Helen Wright writes:

My Great Grandparents were John Magee and Martha Jane Heveran.  They were married in Limavady in 1884.  They had the following children and can be found in Fruithills Bovally Limavady in the 1901 and 1911 Census records. Their children were:

James, Jane, William, Thomas, Patrick, Francis, Mary, Robert, Edward Joseph and Rose Anne Mary - my Grandmother married in Coatbridge Scotland.
Jane I have found married Nathaniel Kennedy in 1912 and lived in Dungiven.

 I am visiting in the summer and would love to meet up with any family members. 
 If anyone could put me in touch with my family I would be very grateful.

 Thank you.

 Helen Wright

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2nd June 2013
Pamela writes:

Hi, My name is Pamela Swanson and am 54 years old. I came to Limavady in 1985 to see where my grandfather grew up before he moved to New York and raised a family of 11. I met with my grandfather's brother Dan who lived on Farloe Lane and raised greyhounds. Also met my cousins the McCluskey's. Had a brilliant time! Would love to hear from any family or friends of those I mentioned. 

Write to Pamela

7th March 2013

Kate writes:


I am trying to locate 2 Limavady football team photos circa 1900 - 1908 which used to hang in McCaughey's barber shop Main St Limavady. Two of the players were Joseph and William Boyd my grandfather and great uncle. I would appreciate any info. in the hope of obtaining copies.


Reply to Kate

2nd February 2013

Jill Love writes:

JOSEPH LOVE b 1818 (records show 1812) Londonderry father JOHN LOVE
Joseph was a saddle maker

He left Ireland for England to avoid starvation
He spent 12 years on a prison ship for stealing in the South of England
He lived in Halstead, Essex, England where he met and married MARY ANN NORMAN
She was 18 he 40 years

They had quite a few children
Moved to Colchester and Peterborough, England, where they both died
No details on the Irish side of the family

 Reply to Jill

25th January 2013 

Phil Hurd-Wood writes:

I have become sentimental about my days with the Limavady Drama Club back in the 1970s. I took part in many productions from about 1972 - 76 and would love to hear from anyone involved at that time. I wonder if there are any photos from the time?

Phil Hurd-Wood

Reply to Phil

31st December 2012 

Teresa writes:

 I am looking for information about my gggrandmother Eliza J Martin,  who was from Derry she was born around 1834, she married a John Keatley from Donegal. First born was my g grandfather William Keatley @ 1855 in Ballykelly then two years later John Keatley @1857. They moved to Liverpool by 1860 and had the rest of the family there, Alexander, Abraham, Matilda, Eliza J, George. Eliza had an older brother called Alexander Martin @ 1832. I know this because he was on a census form as visiting when Eliza was getting her son Alexander christened.

If anyone has these names in their family tree could they please get in touch. 

Thanks, Teresa.

Write toTeresa

23rd November 2012

ohn Caldwell writes:


I believe I have found my Great Grandad & Grandmother in your 1901 census. His name is James Caldwell (Shoemaker) - Margaret (Wife) - (Son) John (Baker). Daughters, Mary, Lavina, Annie, Elizabeth, Martha, Matilda, and son James. Mary was a dairymaid. Lavina - Annie & James were weavers.They lived at house number 5 in Kennaught. Limavady.

My enquiry below 21st April 2012 I had my Gradmother's name wrong it was Rosina Hynes not Roseanna. I do hope this is the start of a new chapter, mainly for my children.

Thank you.

John Caldwell.

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18th November 2012 Linda Granfield writes:
Hello, I am looking for the ancestors of Robert Magee of Newtownlimavady. He was married to Jane Jack. They sailed for America in 1788. Children at that time: Thomas, Samuel, Mary Ann, and Christopher Magee.
Robert Magee was a hatter in Pittsburgh as soon as he arrived. He died there in 1823. One of his descendants was John Gillespie Magee Jr., a WWII pilot who wrote the poem "High Flight."
Any information about the parents of Robert Magee would be much appreciated.
Perhaps someone knows where the Limavady/Drumachose Magees are buried?
Thanks. Linda in Canada

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5t November 2012 Does anybody have any info on William Ross of Ballymulholland or his daughter Sarah who married John Fleming of Drumavalley at Magilligen Presbyterian Church on August 21 1839?
Write to William

24th August 2012 Belinda Furguson writes:



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19th August 2012
 Ken writes:

I am trying to trace a relative who I believe may have been in service in Bellarena House around the 1920's or 30's. Her name was Jane McCorry. Any information would be gratefully received. Regards Ken

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16th July 2012
William Greene writes:
I posted a message some time ago and got a very helpful answer . I have reason to believe that my gg grandfather leased land from the estate of  ROBERT OGILBY in both the parishs of Dungiven and Limvady about 2 miles SE of Dungiven on both sides of the 6 hwy in Carn in 1858. His name was JOHN FLEMING . He was Married to SARAH ROSS . She may be related to the OGILBY's . They had a daughter ELIZABETH ( LIZZIE FLEMING ) who was my great grandmother . She was born in 1842 and married JAMES GREENE in Canada. My grandfather (WILLIAM JAMES GREENE ) was born in Dungiven in 1871 or 1872 on a trip back to Ireland from Toronto Canada , possibly to settle some business. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED , WILLIAM J GREENE  2nd Write to William

9th July 2012

Jenny writes:

This is a picture of the Limavady Football Club about 1911?-1914.Limavady celtic football club

My grandfather's older brother George Morrison is one of these men.  I don't know which one.

It was found in my ancestor's old family house in Limavady, along with a few other family pictures.  This one in particular was made into a postcard, and it was addressed from George to his sister, Mrs. Robert Magee (His sister's name was Maria Morrison Magee).

In 1914, age 20, George enlisted with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers "B" Coy. 10th Battalion.  (That's why I date this picture only going to 1914). He served on the front lines, and sadly July 1916 he was killed at the young age of only 22.  He had not married, nor did he have any children.

Written on the back of this postcard were the names of all the players on this team:  F. Mahon, J. Crothers, A. Fleming, G. Morrison, S. Elder, H. McLaughlin, F. Elder, M. Monaghan, D. Welsh, I. Farrell and H. Gallagher.   

I wonder if anyone out there knows or recognizes any of these people, or names more likely, or even knows about this football club.  I would LOVE to hear from you.  

Somebody out there could possibly have stories about my Morrison family from Limavady.   It's a long shot, but always worth trying. 

I have been researching my grandfather's family for quite some time now.  Most of my grandfather's siblings were born in Terrydremond, but 2 were born in Carrick East, and 2 born in Rathbreadymore.  My Great Grandfather Richard Morrison was born at Sheephill, Tamlaght Finlagan, Ballykelly.  He died at a very young age and my grandmother Rebecca Hunter Morrison was left to raise 9 children; but in 1926, when she was 55 years old, she married a nice man named John Miller.

My grandfather William Morrison's siblings were James Morrison, George Morrison, Maria Morrison, Eliza Anne (Betsy) Morrison, Letitia Morrison, John Morrison, Mary Margaret (Madge) Morrison, and Sarah (Sadie) Morrison, in that order.     


Sincerely, Jenny

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9th June 2012 William Greene writes: Looking for ancestors and descendants of Sarah Ross . She married a John Fleming . They had a daughter Elizabeth Fleming (born 1842) and possibly other children . Elizabeth married James Greene in Canada . James and Elizabeth returned to Limavady in the early 1870's and had two children there (William J and Elizabeth) before returning to Canada in the mid 1870's.  

Write to William.

16th May 2012

Martin Gleason writes:

Sarah Jane Kane was my great grandmother.  She emigrated from Newtownlimavady alias Rathbrady Beg during the Famine years (sometime between 1849 and 1851) to the USA.  She was fifteen years old at the time, which suggests Sarah was born sometime between 1834-1836.

Her brother James J. Kane assisted her in getting to the USA.  He also brought over his sister Margaret and a number of other brothers and sisters-- family lore says he brought over 20 brothers and sisters altogether.  We believe James J. Kane resided in the Philadelphia area.
The others settled in Boston, New York and Chicago.  Sarah and her sister Margaret moved to Chicago.  Sarah married Patrick Flaherty who emigrated from Galway in the 1850s.  Their oldest child, Mary, was my grandmother.  Their other children in order of birth dates were John, Sarah, Anne, Elizabeth, James, Joseph, Patrick, Thomas and Charles. Sarah Jane Kane Flaherty died in Chicago February 9, 1886.  Sarah’s death certificate states she was 50 years of age and had lived in Illinois for 35 years.
Looking in the Religious Census of 1766 we note two Kanes listed for Newtownlimavady:  Shane Kane (Roman Catholic) and Rich Kane (Protestant). Since Sarah was Roman Catholic we believe she is a descendant of Shane Kane.  The names of Householders listed in the 1831 Census returns for the County of Londonderry listed nine Kanes including the Widow Kane in the parish of Drumachose, Limavady Townland.  Since Sarah Jane Kane was born after 1831 we surmise that her father was one of the following: James Kane of Ballyclose, Michael Kane of Ballyclose, James Kane of Lanes & Yards, Patrick Kane of Linenhall Street, Frederick Kane of Main Street, John Kane of Market House Street, Michael Kane of Market House Street, or John Kane of Pound Lane.
Looking at the names of Sarah and Patrick’s children we have deduced that the most likely grandparent would be either James, John or Patrick Kane.
In Griffiths Valuation (1858-1864) there are twelve Kanes listed in Newtownlimavady. Catherine Kane of Rathbrady Beg, James Kane of Rathbrady Beg, John Kane of Irish Green, John Kane of Rathbrady Beg, Michael Kane of The New Row, Patrick Kane of Methodist Lane, Paul Kane of Rathbrady Beg, Thomas Kane of Ballyclose, Thomas Kane of Main Street, Thomas Kane of Rathbrady Beg and William Kane of Ballyclose. We believe that one of these Kanes were Sarah Jane's family.
If anyone has any information on this family, please email me at
Thank you,

21 April 2012The Caldweall couple
My name is John Caldwell. Born in Glasgow 1938 now living in Australia. My Grandfarther was Samuel Caldwell from Limavady who married Roseanna Hynes from Glasgow.
I have tried for a number of years to make contact with any of my relations. This is the only photo i have of my Grandfather and Grandmother. Wished i had met him.
Can anyone help please. 
Thank you. 

e-mail to John

5th April 2012

Tom Taylor writes:

Images of the Crindle and Myroe
If anyone knows where I could find pictures of the area around Crindle and Myroe around the time of the 1911 census I would be very grateful to hear from you.

I know my grand father lived at 13 Crindle Rd at the time of the 1911 Census.

Tom C. Taylor

e-mail to Tom

4th April 2012

Has anyone any info relating to JOSEPH LOVE b apx 1813/1818, father JOHN LOVE.
Joseph moved to Essex, England where he always worked as a saddlemaker
He kept this trade through his life dying apx 70 yrs age

He married in Halstead, Essex, moved to Chichester and later Peterborough, England where they both died

hey hade quite a few children.  She being 18 he was 40

24th December 2011

Hello.......My wife was born
and spent her formative years at Crindle House, Crindle, leaving in the late
50’s, the family name at this time was Moore. We know very little about this
handsome old house other than it currently looks completely different now from
way back then,see below. My wife remembers a tree lined drive leading up to the
front which totally obscured the house from the road, and a walled garden to the
rear. This posting is a request for any information associated with Crindle
House, pictures of the house as it was back then would be a wonderful bonus to
this query.

Barry Wright.

e-mail to Barry

16th November 2011

Alice Kober writes:


I am visiting Northern Ireland in June of 2012. I would like to find
out where my grandfather's family lived, and if my
great grand-father, Wilson Cochran, is buried in Tamlaght Finlagan
Parish. I believe my great-grandfather Wilson Cochran died in some sort
industrial accident. I know the family lived near Limavady, and I've
seen records that said
they lived in Nedd.  I'm-not sure if there is a town of Nedd any

Wilson Cochran:

Birth 7 Jan 1838 in Nedd, Tamlaght Finlagan Parish, Co. Londonderry,

Death 21 Mar 1886 in Nedd Tamlaght Finlagan Parish, Co. Londonderry,

Married to Jane McSparron. She emigrated to the U.S. with her four
children in 1886.

All of them were born in

Nedd Tamlaght Finlagan Parish, Co. Londonderry, Ireland:

William Montgomery Cochran, born in 1873

James McSparron Cochran, born in 1875 (my grandfather)

Matilda Mary Cochran, born in 1877 (married Charles G. Hankey and moved
to Georgia in the U.S.)

David Cowan Cochran, born in 1882

The family were helped out by Jane McSparron's brother, David

David had emigrated a number of years earlier.

David and Jane's mother's name was Sarah Jane Montgomery, and their
father's name was James McSparron.

David McSparron married Eliza Ann Cochran, who was Wilson Cochran's

Wilson Cochran's father was William
Cochran, and their mother was Jane
Cowan. The 6 children were:

William James Cochran, 1824-1897

Elizabeth Cochran, 1828-1890

Margaret Cochran, 1833

Samuel Cochran, 1836

Wilson, born 1838-1886

Eliza Ann Cochran, 1841-1913

What I am hoping for is to find names in the parish register and
perhaps in the parish graveyard.

3th June 2011

Alister McGregor writes:

Interested in contacting Samuel McCarter. We grew up together in Greystone Park Limavady.
Samuel moved to London in the 1970s.

Reply to Alister

19th September 2010

Hello --

I am also doing family research and recently found a clue that my Loudon
family may have lived in or around Crindle, Limavady, Northern Ireland. My
ancestors immigrated about 1800 to the United States and settled in New York
before spreading out across the country. The clue I refer to indicates a
Robert Loudon was married to Sarah Loudon, formerly of Crindle. Sarah and
Robert were born about 1774 and I believe Sarah died around 1848, in
Ireland. Robert came to the United States without Sarah, but he never
married again in the states.

Any connections or suggestions for research in this area is most

Thank you!

Sue Manz Graham

Reply to Sue

24th July 2010

I was born in Limavady 50 years ago and am trying to trace exactly where.

My father was in the RAF and we were temporarily housed in a farmhouse called Shanreagh which was where I was born in October 1960. Later we moved to Shackleton Crescent married quarters.

I was wondering if Shanreagh Park is where the house was and indeed if it still exists.

There were two other families, I believe, that lived on the street, Mr and Mrs Millar with their son Jim, and Mrs Deachon with two children and an elderly mother.

Any information would be much appreciated.

I am coming to visit next month in the hope I may be able to trace my birthplace.

Angela Marshall (nee Green)

Reply to Angela

11th February 2010

It is wonderful to be able to open the web site of Jochen Lueg and view the latest in Limavady--from whence came my grgrgrandfather, Nathaniel McCaughey, to Pennsylvania, USA. Thanks, Jochen, for your up-to-date news of the wonderful town of Limavady, which we visited this past September.

 June G. Eddins

Reply to June

2nd February 2010

I am trying to create a picture of my father's life, he was killed in Normandy in 1944 when I was 2yrs old so I do not remember him and would like to know more about his life before he met and married my mother. 
His name was Robert Lee and he joined the army when he was sixteen as a bugle boy.
He met my mother when he was stationed at Shoeburyness, in Essex.
When he was a boy he and his two brothers, William and Joseph, were brought up on a farm at Tamlach by a John Mc Arthur and his family. The 3 boys were brought over from Coatbridge after their mother, Sarah Ferguson, lost her memory after losing a child. I am guessing about 1918 or thereabouts.
Their younger sister remained in Scotland to be looked after by an aunt. Presumably their father William remained there too working in the iron foundries at Old Monkland. 
Their mother was cared for until just before she died at Drumacarney, by an 'Aunt Martha' .
She was still alive at the time my father was killed in 1944.
His brothers William and Joseph lived in Limavady until they died. Uncle Joe died in 2003, he had 5 children.
I have recently learned that their mother Sarah Lee is buried in the churchyard at Ballykelly (Church of Ireland) which I hope to visit one day.
But I cannot locate Tamlach or Drumacarney, have they been swallowed up and lost their identity as such.
There is mention of a Drumacarney Bridge being widened (off the Baranailt Road) but I can find no other mention of it, or Tamlach.
I would appreciate any information on his life in the area until he joined the army at sixteen, I believe the Mc Arthurs were a large family and 'Aunt Martha' had children too so maybe someone will know the story of the three boys being given a home on the farm at Tamlach.
Maureen Orford (nee Lee) 

Reply to Maureen

14th January 2010

My great grandmother Catherine Doherty, daughter of James Doherty and Roseanne (Cassidy) Doherty was born 1858 and came from Cathers Row in Limavady. From what I have to date she also had a brother Alexander who was living in Philadelphia in 1907. And a brother John who was a Pork Dealer in Irish Green Street and married to Catherine?, by 1911 they had 6 children.

Their parents James and Roseanne Doherty died 1912 and 1903 respectively and are buried in Row Mill Graveyard in Limavady.The address they lived in at time of death was William Street, Limavady. Their headstone was erected by their grand daughter Anna.

Would love to make a connection with relatives or anyone who could help.

Thank you.

Marie Crowley

Reply to Marie

14th January 2010

This is a long shot:

My father's father left his wife and son around 1932 in Rochdale, Lancashire (when my father was 6 years old). He was born in Rochdale in 1895 and as far as I know from my research he had no family connections outside Lancashire. He was never seen or heard from again by his wife or son.

However - it was said that after he left his wife and child he moved to Limavady to either work in or to run a 'pot shop'. I'd always understood that a 'pot shop' was an establishment selling china, though I learn recently that it is an Ulster expression for a bar.

His name was
Chriss Buckley (that's the way it was spelled on his birth certificate), though he could have been known as Chris or Christopher, I suppose. He was a joiner by trade.

So, in order to find out if the family tradition has any truth in it - and hopefully to find out what became of my grandfather - I wonder if the name Chriss Buckley, in the context of Limavady in the early to mid 1930s, rings any bells with anyone reading this.

Ian Buckley

Reply to Ian

24th November 2009

Tom Taylor writes:

My grandfather's name was David Taylor and he married Elizabeth Hunter on
21 Nov 1895. He was born at Drumachose about 1875 and was a Journeyman

His father was James Taylor and his mother was Rachel Hunter
 Sometime between 1895 and 1897 he and his wife Elizabeth moved to Govan
Glasgow. Where he and his brother Robert James Taylor also a Journeyman
Shoemaker ran a small shop.

 I know that some of his brothers went to Glasgow, but subsequently moved
back to the Limavady area. The area names that have cropped up for the family
are Crindle, Myroe, Bellarena and Drumachose.
Robert James Taylor born 14/Mar/1877 at Bellarena and married Margaret Simpson 
in the Myroe Presbyterian Church on 22/Jun/1899. Parents for Margaret Simpson are
Robert Simpson and Margaret Butcher.

Below is information from the 1911 Census:

Residents of house number 13 in Crindle Town(Myroe , Londonderry)

Surname, Forename, Age, Sex

Taylor, James, 71, Male

Taylor, Rachel, 66, Female

Taylor, John , 20  - B.1891, Male

Taylor, Joseph, 40  - B.1871, Male

Dwyer, Jennie, 3, Female

If anyone has any information relating to any  of my relatives I would be for
ever grateful.
Thank you again.
Tom Taylor

Reply to Tom

27th September 2009.

Hello, I recently posted a message concerning my search for my ancestor
John Boyd who was transported to N.S.W. for bigamy. I have since found his
marriages were:

June 1834 to Matty Jane George

31st December 1835 to Jane Stevenson.

If anyone can help with any details on these people please let me know.


Reply to Sandra

13th September 2009

I am looking for information on my ancestor John Boyd b.1815 in Co.
Londonderry. His parents were John and Catherine who were farmers in
the Tamlaghtfinlagan area. John and Catherine are sure to be buried in
the district.

John Boyd b.1815 was tried at Londonderry City in 1836 for Bigamy and
sentenced to transportation to New South Wales. At the time of his
trial he was a farm servant living at Glack.

He married yet again in N.S.W. and died in 1864.

If anyone has any information on John Boyd or perhaps a copy of the
Griffiths Valuation or Tithe Books that may help with my search I would
be very grateful.


Reply to Sandra

15th March 2009


I am researching my Famliy tree. My GGrandfather was William Magill/McGill
from Magilligan who married Catherine McCorriston from Duncrun at St Aidans
RC Church in 1869 by Fr Hugh McGurk, the then priest of the Parish. They went
to to live in a house in the foothills of that beautiful mountain townland
called Ballycarton

They had at least 10 children, one of which was my Grandfather James, who
married Rebecca Somers from Belarena. James had a brother William who went to
work at Roe Park House (now Raddison Hotel) as a live-in head Gardener and
later went to work for Lord O Neill of Shane's Castle, Antrim.

I would love to hear from any family member


Gerald McGill

Reply to Gerald


31st January 2009


I am looking for anyone who may have attended Glenconway Public
School around 1941/1953. Hoping to share some memories.


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