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August 1999

Solar eclipse Partial Solar Eclipse over Limavady

Today, the 11th of August saw the last total solar eclipse on planet Earth this century. Limavady expected a partial eclipse of 85%. Lots of people got ready for this rare event and guess what: It rained for most of the time.

However, not all was lost. At a quarter past eleven the crescent sun could be seen through the clouds. It got noticeably darker and the swallows rose for their evening meal. A few minutes later the rain came back.

Meg watching the sun

Here is one amateur astronomer catching a quick glimpse of the sun and forced to disregard the equipment beside her.

New Shop opens in Town

A new shop has just opened in Main Street Limavady. The place sells education, particularly the night class type, and has 90 years experience in doing so. Anybody that feels the need for further knowledge can call in at any time and sign on - for about a third of the price asked for by another local enterprise.

On the right you can see the new shop - leased from the optimistic new owners.

Mid-City education
The Town Hall
The Town Hall Saga continues

Avid readers of this paper may have wondered about the fate of the Alexander Memorial Hall, which graces Main Street in a uniquely decrepit state of preservation.

It seems that the council were overly optimistic in their cost estimates and the boys that pay the bills have asked them to go away and think again, possibly about spending less money on the scheme.

As quite a few pennies have already been paid for adjoining properties, this feat of town planning already shows all the imagination of the new "Reverse Main Street Parking Scheme".

Watch this space for an update.

Protestant Street Race Track shut

The well known race track known as "Protestant Street/Massey Avenue" - with gear change opposite Sandra Elder's house - has been thoughtfully closed down. Massey Avenue is now one way, blocking through traffic from the town direction. Fans of Limavady driving habits have had a spectacular display of emergency braking while the local talent got used to the change.

Witness the car on the right. The uninitiated observer would conclude that the driver should be banned on grounds of incompetence. However, the knowledgeable observer of local driving trends will instantly notice a well executed cornering manoeuvre, vaguely within legal limits, which gives the opposing driver that minimal chance of survival.

The famous Willie Reid who lives there was heard to mutter: "The job's a good one".

One way

The football season has started with some good news. Last week Limavady United beat Larne thoroughly, and this week - the final one in August - Bangor went down 0:3 against the Roesiders. Well done boys - is this the start of a trend?


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