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November 1997

New on-line newspaper started.
A lecturer from Limavady College has just started the first on-line newspaper in the area. Me in the park

This all began with an e-mail from the Far East, when a lonely, possibly homesick Limavady man in Kuala Lumpur discovered the town on the web. He found the best site about Limavady (you are looking at it) and wrote an e-mail requesting news about Limavady United, the Rugby Club and any other gossip that might get Limavady people talking. (And as we all know, it doesn't take much to do that!)

This page is the answer to some of your minor dreams, Martin.

Limavady Town Hall shows serious signs of wear (and soon tear)
When the powers that be took a close look at the Town Hall, it was discovered that the building suffered not only from dry rot, but the wet kind as well.

The ruin is now closed to the public and the latest rumour has it that it will be knocked down. This reporter is sorry to see the historical facade disappear, but remembers with horror the many exams supervised inside that dreary building. Picture

The call of nature
The town has acquired some luxury public toilets. Situated beside the fire station as well as near the Tech, the gleaming stainless steel edifices are fully computerised and don't permit any mistakes.

The mayor officially opened them this month at the council's convenience.

Happy birthday
Mrs Aida Foxely of Aghanloo is 105 years old this month. Congratulations.
If you should drive out to the Country Park, be careful. A huge JCB has attacked the junction and left a very confusing mess behind.
Building works
Limavady's entry to the "Ugliest Building in the World" competition is making good progress in Catherine Street.
Brian Brown's dream house
It is confidently expected that the windowless monster will soon push the Northern Bank building into second place. (As seen to the right).
An ugly building
In football Limavady was beaten by Newry 4:1. Tough luck. The rugby results I'm still working on. (Come on GCS1, get me some results!)

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