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February 2008

Hold your nose Eliminating the pong  

Work on Limavady's water treatment works is progressing at a leisurely but constant pace. Some time ago the Northern Ireland water service made a commitment to have less mal-odorousness around the place and the present work will hopefully achieve this aim.

This will be a great relief to the residents of Killane Road!

Hold your nose A view from the past  

The other day our editor had occasion to nose through the vast photo archive which is housed in the loft of the News Browser building. He came across the nearly 30 year old photograph on the left.

It shows the installation of the steel footbridge which spans the Roe just close to the dogleap. The structure is dangling from a large army helicopter which is hovering above the trees and is invisible in this view. Our daring reporter, who had been alerted by Willie Reid, was there to record the operation.

The bridge is a great success, enabling visitors to walk up one side of the river and down the other.

Hold your nose The mind boggles  

Regular readers will be familiar with our world famous collection of silly signs. It is indeed wonderful just how many of these delightful objects can be found in the Roe Valley.

However, for this one we had to travel as far away as the outskirts of Coleraine, where we spotted it prominently displayed in Sainsbury's store.

The question is of course: What precisely is Sainsbury's idea of good entertainment - and why does it take as many as 15 rolls?!

For addicts, here is our customary link to the rest of our collection of  extremely silly signs

Give me that food! The birds  

This dramatic confrontation was recorded by our learned wildlife expert in Tesco's car park. He writes:

Isn't it amazing how the birds have adapted to a new environment? The creatures have obviously observed  crowds of shoppers flocking into Tesco's for months and are here imitating the "special offer" or  "sales behaviour" of the average human shopper.

The majority just swoop down and try to grab whatever can be grabbed before someone else gets it, whereas the plucky little fellow on the ground is ready to defend his booty against all comers.

Isn't it wonderful what one can observe in Limavady every day?


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