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 June 2009

A butterfly on a bluebell
The bluebell season

is coming to a close. So we thought we would show our readers a photograph of a creature ringing in the change.

With all this good weather we've been having in the last few days, the possibility that the Roe Valley will actually have a Summer this year, is very high.

Let's hope for the best.

Helicopter over the Roe Valley Low flying helicopters

People living in the Aghanloo area can't have failed to notice intensive helicopter activity, particularly late in the evening and during the night. Rumour has it, that the army is training their pilots for service in Afghanistan and hence they follow the contours of mount Benevenagh in order to learn low flying over mountainous terrain.

It occurs to us that this training could be made much more realistic if local farmers would go about their daily business wearing  kaftans and a turban or two!

Fixing another building Renovating Main Street

Despite economic doom and gloom all over Europe - the rebuilding of Limavady's Main Street is progressing at a steady rate.   Just a few yards down from the building site of the new community centre, this old roof has suddenly disappeared.

It is not clear yet whether the rest of the building will follow, but admirers of the Georgian look of Limavady town centre hope that this site will not end up as a flat-roofed monstrosity like another nearby new building  one could mention.                                  

An inquisitive cow The heat-wave

It is hot in the valley - and we are tempted to state  that so many warm days in a row haven't been seen for years.

Tesco's and Lidl's car parks were noticeably deserted the other day, because so many of their customers had gone to Benone beach - one of the few places around without a super market.

The few creatures left in town and countryside spent most of their time trying to get some liquid refreshment - often with considerable ingenuity.


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