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May 2009

Three swallows
It must be Spring

Wonderful weather has at last surprised the Roe Valley and the swallows have come back to Benevenagh - it must be the Spring .... finally!

Just a little hint for photographing swallows in flight:  It's not easy!

Drinking companions
Watching the parade

Above is part of the crowd watching this year's Danny Boy parade. The weather was wonderful and quite a few people turned out to admire the show.

Unfortunately there were not very many floats - fewer than in previous years - and most of them produced noise of such a volume, that if this racket had sounded from glen to glen in the days of yore, Danny Boy would never have heard the call of those famous pipes.

The four companions on the right, on the other hand, needed no electronic amplification at all.

An iron skeleton Civic improvements

The new community centre is showing signs of becoming three-dimensional. Several machines and operators are working on a daily basis and so far they've got the place ready for open air meetings of all kinds.

Our reporter couldn't help wondering what the people in Roe Fold think of all this, now that their view towards the town is fast disappearing.

Tudor and Caspar New on this site

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