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 August  2010

No Danny boyIt has finally been moved!

Natives of the Roe Valley will know that we are referring to the Danny Boy monument, which used to mark this very spot until it was taken to the council yard for repairs.

The enigmatic block of sandstone was installed in February 2003 and has been puzzling the passing citizens ever since.

Its new home will be outside the soon to be opened civic centre in Main Street. Combined with those stunning multi coloured columns, this should make quite an impact!
13 signsBillboards, billboards everywhere.

This photograph was taken at the beginning of the month in Market Street. Experienced sign-counters will notice instantly that there are at least 13 different billboards - not counting the ones hiding behind larger billboards.

So help us - there are even  billboards inside other billboards.
Subliminal advertising?
Commerce is a wonderful thing of course, but it seemed to us that a rather nice pedestrian area has been severely degraded by the over-enthusiastic application of obstructive advertising. There are places where one can hardly walk without tripping over - or dodging around - these garish obstacles.
Ship on Lough FoyleShips on Lough Foyle

Interested readers may like to know that elsewhere on this site is a highly experimental page which plots ship movements on Lough Foyle.

To learn more and see the map just follow this link.
Not in vogueMarket Street is changing

Another old building in Market Street is being demolished brick by ancient brick.

We can't recall how many other businesses used to use these premises, but the building appears in photographs taken around the turn of the previous century.                       
The Artemis in Lough FoyleMore ships on Lough Foyle

Readers who followed the link in the article two above this one, will be aware that the cruise ship Artemis has dropped anchor at Greencastle

Even though the Artemis is the smallest ship in the P&O fleet, her 230m length didn't quite fit into the harbour and she had to park outside. Our photograph shows not only the cruise ship, but also the Magilligan/Greencastle ferry on the left.

Sadly, on the  relevant P&O web page, where they tell you what to do once you have reached shore and are ready to spend some money, they talk about Derry, the Giant's Causeway and the Sperrins - but not a word about the Roe Valley and Limavady - those hidden pearls of Ulster!               


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