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January 2013

A nebulous new year

May the year 2013 be clearer than this!

Happy New Year to all our readers

The accidentAnother accident on the Aghanloo Road

On the 11th of this month there was another accident near the staggered junction of  Aghanloo, Freehall  and Dowland Roads. A car crashed through the hedge and ended up in the field on the right.

The ambulance and police were in attendance but further details are as yet unknown. Let's hope that no-one got hurt. Over the last few years there have been several accidents at this particular spot.

A highly dangerous buildingA dangerous edifice

Regular readers will be familiar with our world-famous collection of silly signs. These tend to confuse and amuse the reader in roughly equal measure. Well, here is our first sign of 2013 which can be admired in Main Street.

We don't really have much to add except wonder why anybody would dare to let  such a highly dangerous building.

Here is a link to our Silly sign collection

Messy Jessie, the wintersporst expertThe first snow of the year

On the 18th of this month the Roe Valley finally saw some snow. Elsewhere in the country the snow storms proved very disruptive, but here only the hills and high-lying areas are covered in white.

On the left is a shot of our news-hound, Messy Jessie. She is investigating the snow's consistency for an article on winter sports she is planning.


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