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January 2003

Looking across the Foyle The New Year  

After a spell of some very basic weather, the Sun peeked out again on the 3rd and all was beautiful. The first mountain snow had fallen during the night and the hills of Donegal across Lough Foyle looked as splendid as Benevenagh.

At least this is what many people seemed to think because the ferry to Greencastle was very busy indeed. As the place is practically closed during the winter, visitors go for one of two things: the landscape or the cheap petrol.

Smoke in the valley
Smoke in the Valley  

The recent clear weather allowed our photographer to take this stunning view of the valley. You are looking at Limavady with the Sperrin Mountains forming the background.

What astonished us is the amount of pollution that hangs over the town. Most of Limavady is supposed to be a smokeless zone, but this is obviously not enforced. No wonder that the mountain air tastes a whole lot better.

Watching the screen High Tech farming  

Its the time of the year for scanning ewes. Our picture shows Arnold Douglas, the News Browser's agricultural expert, supervising the vet examining one of his sheep with an ultra sound scanner. This way he can find out how many lambs the animal is carrying. The inset on the top left shows the screen display generated by two lambs.

Throughput is amazing - up to 120 animals per hour. If the National Health service could rival this record there would be no need for waiting lists.

A nuclear power station in the market yard The Market Yard  

The council has finally decided what to do with the Market Yard. After arguing about the matter for only a few years with one failed scheme involving the council, a local developer and a home-loving nice old lady, it was decided to sell the yard to the highest bidders, to do with as they please.

This means of course that - in theory at least - anything can be built there. We have taken a little look into the speculative future and present a photograph of the new entrance to the town, dominated by a well disguised nuclear power station. This is all pure theory of course.

An urban cage Public Works

During the past week or so council workmen have constructed this very solid looking urban cage. It has a concrete floor with water drains and replaces the flower bed that used to mark this important corner at Catherine Street and Market Street.

Various suggestion have been made as to what it might be for though some - especially the last one - are highly unlikely.:

  • It is another attempt to provide the Lion's club with an enclosure for their animals.

  • It is public lock-up for double parking taxi drivers.

  • It is going to be a delphinarium.

Only time will tell.


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