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December 2002

Some Christmas trees It must be Christmas  

The relevant traders in Limavady have started to sell Christmas trees already, as this photograph vividly demonstrates.

Experienced observers will also notice that parking in the town is still a joy and that citizens in possession of a very narrow sitting room are offered a wide choice of suitable trees - witness the collection on the left of the picture.

The new bridge again The Dowland Road Bridge  

The new bridge is making progress. It is supposed to be ready for Christmas and it looks as if the builders are well on the way to meet this festive target.

Mind you, unless they do something about it pretty soon, it's going to be a tight squeeze passing under that bridge. There is just about enough headroom for half a Santa and maybe one small reindeer.

Let me in
A pile of rubble Renovating Market Street  

The three old buildings beside Menary's in Market Street have been knocked down. They were not in the best state of repair, but yet another bit of old Limavady has disappeared forever.

The buildings were knocked down with the help of a large digger and what seems to be a powerful amount of old fashioned Ulster craftsmanship.

A loud speaker That appalling caterwauling  

The annual Audio Christmas torture has started again in the centre of town. Small loud speakers that produce a noise so tinny it defies description have been mounted all over the place. The arrangement is quite wicked and shows a lot of forethought:

  • The average shopper who hasn't escaped to the noise free zone yet, gets to hear the same old Christmas tunes that can be heard everywhere else, again and again. This is bound to produce a feeling of extreme happiness.

  • Car drivers get a chance to carve an extra notch into their steering wheels, because the noise is so deafening that pedestrians trying to cross the road can't hear the traffic any more and hence are dead easy to mow down.

  • With the constant noise exposure people will become so resigned to the racket that next year nobody will complain - not even the News Browser.

Should the deafened visitor manage to hear the occasional rumbling from the distance - as he rushes from the centre of town to Lidls - where it is beautifully quiet - this can't be caused by the building work on the by-pass. It must be Danny boy turning in his grave.

The new bridge yet again The Dowland Road Bridge yet again  

Would you believe it - the new bridge is open, ready to roll over and practically finished. If you are one of those people who likes to travel to Aghanloo in a hurry you are in luck.

If, on the other hand, you enjoyed the traffic lights and the curvaceous bypassing bypass - bad luck, from now on you can only go straight.

The Roe Valley in the year 2002

The staff and hound of this ancient publication wish all their readers a peaceful and harmonious New Year.


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