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May 2000

Strange climatic conditions over Limavady

The town feels different these days.
  • Hardly anyone in town is complaining about the weather.
  • The sound of lawn mowers echoes across the housing estates.
  • Many citizens exhibit signs of sun burn.
The combination of these three indicators can only mean one thing: Our annual two week spell of sunshine has arrived a month early. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Playing Golf
A silly sign Anyone who took advantage of this marvellous state of affairs to walk in the Country Park can see this sign near the Radisson end of the park.

Our investigator examined the road from the gate to the bottom car park and came to the conclusion that the subsidence must have subsided. The road looked perfectly serviceable.

Is this another of these silly signs that seem to appear from out of nowhere or just a joke?

A nice old building Spot the difference
What used to be a splendid old listed building has just been turned into an unlistable pile of rubble.

Should the town be more careful with its history?


People gathering Early arrivals
The Mayor's Parade
Limavady's annual Mayor's parade took place on Saturday, and it was the best ever. Proceedings were to start at one o'clock, but crowds of participants gathered at the Market Yard much earlier than this. Our photographer was nearly taken prisoner by a well known Limavady solicitor who had joined Dad's Army for the day but when members of Limavady's Chinese community entered with a lion and a unicorn, peace was restored.
Brian and Kenny
Two unlikely looking lions
Final preparations
Last preparations
We all know who the real experts are
A Lady in  costume
The event united young and old
Market Street
Punctually at one o'clock people gathered near Market Street and half an hour later mutters could be heard: "If they don't come soon, there'll be no-one here to see them."
Crowd in Main Street
Here they come, led by Limavady's finest.
Start of the parade
A busload of children
A float

Some of the floats were as marvellous as the weather.
Another float The craic was good, as they say around here.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot! Somewhere in all this lot there was also a mayor. The mayor

GCS2 1999-2000 Well known trouble makers leave Limavady College

This suspicious looking group was spotted by our photographer in Limavady College. They are all leaving for pastures green and plan to do to various universities what they have been doing to the college for the last two years:

Good luck, GCS2.

New Tourist Installation in Main Street

Main Street features a brand new mine of information: a three sided blue information contraption. We hope it is vandal proof

Also note the trees behind the new installation. These were planted last year as part of our famous slow-motion town improvement scheme. This paper is happy to report that all of them are in full leaf and make the place look wonderful. Well done.

Info board
Have the new Supermarket Owners moved in?

Further down the road the new owners have erected this sign outside their newly acquired property. As supermarkets go the place lacks a certain something, in fact it doesn't look much better than before.
A new shop?.
The empty car park
The Central Car Park

This facility is closed at the moment, it is receiving a face lift. Never has a car park in Limavady been so empty!

It is not exactly clear why all this has happened, as the surface of the car park was in a perfectly good condition.

Either they are planning to redraw the layout of the place or they have some money to get rid of ere the financial year is over.

Talking about the central car park: Robert's shop has been treated to a new lick of paint. The result can only be described as outstanding. We are glad that the thrifty adage: "If they don't buy it, use it yourself" is still being adhered to by Limavady's traders.

Robert's shop


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