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April 2000

Building Works in Main Street

There is a lot of activity around lower Main Street. What used to be one or two of Tweedy Acheson's buildings are receiving the twice over. Rumour has it that some continental box shifter is planning to move in. It is to be hoped that the rather beautiful old building will survive the experience.

Lovers of the Limavady way of doing things, will no doubt be delighted by the advanced security arrangements, which seem to consist of an old hot water boiler, a dustbin, some weather worn rope and a traffic cone of unknown origin.

Building works
50m to the cliff
Mind you, the view is as spectacular as ever it was.
Tourist signs

Limavady is plagued by people who think that a beauty spot is not complete unless it has a few silly signs warning people not to enjoy themselves. This unfortunate tendency has reached rock bottom on top of Benevenagh mountain.

Your intrepid reporter came across the humorous sign shown on the left. Not only is it totally unnecessary as only a blind man would try and walk straight down to Magilligan from that particular spot, it is also completely wrong as the cliff is at least 300 yards away. Could it be that this lack of vision is really one of education?

A Stitch in Time

There has been a lot of activity along the Dungiven road over the last few weeks. Big machines and lorries have been blocking the road from time to time and some of the builders have even been spotted enjoying the beautiful sunshine we have been having - from time to time. The target of all this activity is the footpath that leads from the Dog Leap Road to the town.

The aim seems to be to make the footpath one foot wider and give it a nice neat kerb.

The Dungiven Road
The Circus is in Town

The American circus is in town again. How they found us is anyone's guess, as one of their posters stated that they would pitch tent in the Eglinton road - wherever that may be. They must have decided to take over the Market Yard instead and they not only fill it, they overflow it. The way they got that huge tent and all those trucks and trailers into that yard is a miracle of human ingenuity.

Maybe they should stay there permanently as a fun third solution to the market yard problem!

The American circus
Double Parking Straight White Lines

Our photographer walked along Main Street the other day in order to get a picture of the nice new straight parking lines that were painted recently. Originally the council had threatened to inflict angled lines for reverse parking only onto the patient Limavady drivers. In a mood of wise foreboding they must have changed their minds. Well done!

Unfortunately very few of the nice new lines can be seen as all the cars on the left are making use of the yellow double parking lines, thereby obscuring the view somewhat.

A'Tuin Fare well Brian Turtle

Brian Turtle, famous red dinosaur and principal of Limavady College for the last three years is leaving both the town and the college. The debt ridden college has become profitable during his leadership and its website has expanded vigorously (no more). As Brian was often seen collecting money for various causes along Market Street is it a wonder that the college got out of the red?

Good bye Brian, and thanks for all the fun.

Cycle Race in Limavady

There was great excitement in Greystone Road today. The second last leg of the "Tour of the North" cycle race started outside the Leisure Centre.

The number of colourful cyclists was exceeded only by the horde of yellow clad policemen on motorbikes. Everything was very well organised although number 23 on the right seems to have had a faulty compass.

Not even the pouring rain could dampen the enthusiasm of the riders. Alderman John McKinney, the mayor of Limavady, who wisely kept in the dry as much as possible handed the current leader of the race a rather damp looking jersey of honour.

Go the other way, 23
Away they go Nobody wanted to hang about in the rain for longer than absolutely necessary and they took off after the shortest speech this reporter has ever heard.

Preceded by police riders and support vehicles, they raced down Greystone Road and disappeared in the rain. Bon voyage!

Doen the road


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