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January 2002

What happened to the News?

Regular readers of this august publication will have wondered at the paucity of articles this month. Unfortunately our chief reporter and editor has wrecked his back (so he says) and he has spent the New Year lying on the injured part being served hand and foot by the rest of the editorial team.

Against all the odds, life in Limavady continued as usual and it is hoped that this will also apply to the News Browser - and its lazy editor - as soon as possible.

The spotty Sun Our low-down Sun

Some of our readers, who have tried to drive out of town along the Dungiven Road recently, have wondered what that very bright light hanging just above the horizon and shining straight into their squirming eyes no matter what they do, might be. We have found the answer: It is the Sun!

And just so that everyone knows what the thing really looks like, we include a recent picture of the object - spots and all.

World Ploughing Contest 2004

The World Ploughing Championship of the year 2004 will be held in the Roe Valley, if all goes well. Foyleview Farm in Ballykelly, which belongs to the Barr family, is the venue of this famous event. Obviously there will be competitors from all over the planet, farmers, horses, tractors, ploughs and all.

Readers who wonder why this announcement is made so early are referred to our racy account of the Ulster championships last year, to appreciate the time pressure this sport is under.

A straight furrow
The Weather

If you plan to come to the Roe Valley this month be prepared to look at happy ducks and very wet sheep. Our heart goes out to the wet but game cormorant on the right, trying to fish in the Roe when even poachers have given up.

Too many ducks in the Country Park
Cormorant in the rain

"Is there anything there?"

A pane of glass
"The pane of glass"
The Winter Storms  

There has been very stormy weather in the valley during the last few days. There is a greenhouse in the spacious grounds of the 'News Browser'. It is kept there in case the editor feels the need to throw some stones. One surviving pane of best agricultural 610*610 glass was a total write off due to storm damage.

To get a replacement pane one goes to 'Limavady Glass' who pride themselves on a fast, friendly and totally transparent service. Apparently there have been so many broken greenhouses in the valley this month, that the firm has nearly run out of suitable glass.

What other publication provides you with vital information like this?


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