Years ago this was the official website of Limavady Tech  written and maintained by the author of these pages.

Monitors in those days had much lower resolutions than nowadays - hence some of these pages look rather strange to the modern eye.

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The college has been a part of Limavady life for more than 90 years. You can find us in the middle of the beautiful Roe Valley near the shores of Loch Foyle in a peaceful rural setting. Just come to the town and follow any student who is not wearing a school uniform and sooner or later you'll end up at the Tech.

On these pages we try to give you a reasonable amount of sometimes less than riveting information. Please feel free to write to us for even more of the same stuff. We'll even throw in a free prospectus!

The college is divided into several schools. You will find a link to each of them, giving you access to more information about some of the courses run by that particular school.

Here is a map of the area.

Thanks for surfing in our direction.

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